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Detroit Bad Boys Reacts To Greg Monroe Pick

Kevin Sawyer of SB Nation's Pistons blog, Detroit Bad Boys, approves of the Greg Monroe selection, explaining that given the circumstances with who was still available, "it's hard to be disappointed by this pick." Here's more of what Sawyer had to say about the selection.

For a big man, Monroe has a pretty diverse toolkit.  Unlike most centers his age, he can move with the ball, pass, and cut to the basket.  This gives me confidence that he will find ways to be useful right of the bat.

The biggest questions surrounding Monroes are his weight and his turnover numbers.  The latter is a product of creating shots for himself and others, but coaches tend to overreact to turnovers from their bigs, and there is such a thing as trying to do too much.  Turnovers are a major coaching pet peeve, so there is a possibility he'll spend time on the bench in spite of his skills.

For more of Sawyer's analysis on Monroe, check out his post on Detroit Bad Boys.