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DeShawn Sims Signs With Boston; Raymar Morgan To Play For Wizards

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No local college players were selected in the 2010 NBA Draft, but two of them have already landed with NBA teams.


DeShawn Sims, who had hopes of being drafted after finishing his career with Michigan earlier this year, signed with the Boston Celtics after not being picked. Michigan State's Raymar Morgan also went unpicked, but he accepted an offer to play with the Washington Wizards during the NBA's Summer League.


Manny Harris, Sims' former teammate who left Michigan with a year of eligibility left, went undrafted and has yet to sign with a team as of right now. Much like Donovan Warren, the former Michigan football player who left early and went undrafted, Harris received a lot of criticism for his decision to go pro. As it turned out, that criticism was warranted, because neither player ended up being selected despite leaving early.