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Tom Lewand Has Support Of Lions Owner William Clay Ford Sr., Coach Jim Schwartz

Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr. released a statement on Tom Lewand's arrest.

"Tom made a very serious mistake and he appropriately owned up to that mistake," owner William Clay Ford Sr. said in a statement. "As he continues to seek professional assistance for this problem, the Lions will support and help him in any way possible. I continue to have full confidence that Tom will positively lead our organization as he has since assuming his current role of team president. He has all my support."

Lions coach Jim Schwartz also released a brief statement.

"Tom's leadership was very instrumental in my decision to become head coach of the Detroit Lions," Schwartz said. "I fully support his commitment to recovery."

Although Lewand obviously made a mistake, it doesn't sound like the Lions are worried about disciplining him, but rather making sure they support him while he battles his alcohol problem.