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Ryan Perry's Rehab Assignment Begins

Relief pitcher Ryan Perry began his road back to the majors on Saturday by pitching an inning for Toledo. He is scheduled to pitch a couple innings today before the Tigers evaluate the situation and decide what to do with him. With the bullpen needing a boost, the Tigers undoubtedly would like to be able to bring Perry back, but he's got to pitch well enough to be deserving of a spot on the roster with Detroit. Right now I'm not so sure he's at that point yet.

It was not an entirely smooth inning for Perry, who walked two of the first three batters he faced after replacing Josh Rainwater to start the eighth inning for the Mud Hens. Perry struck out Jeff Clement on a swing and a miss before stranding runners at second and third by forcing Brian Myrow to ground out.

I certainly hope Perry gets back on track, because the Tigers could use another solid reliever. Also, there are a couple pitchers on the 25-man roster that could use a stint in Toledo, so hopefully Perry shows he is back to normal, allowing for him to be brought back.