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Should Roger Goodell Throw The Book At Tom Lewand?

As we mentioned earlier, Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand could face disciplinary action from the NFL because of his recent drunk driving arrest. Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press writes that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should crack down on Lewand just as he would any player so as to ensure there isn’t a double standard.

The NFL must conduct an investigation into the specifics surrounding Tom Lewand’s drunken driving arrest. If guilty, Lewand, the Lions’ president, should face strong disciplinary action because the ever-image-conscious league cannot afford such recklessness from its chief executives — especially after demanding a much higher standard of decorum from its players.

If commissioner Roger Goodell looks the other way, he’s a hypocrite.

This isn’t another chance at another cheap laugh at the Lions’ expense. DUIs are serious matters.