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Joel Zumaya Leaves Game With Serious Right Arm Injury

Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya just left tonight's game against the Twins with a right arm injury that looked extremely serious. Zumaya went down in immediate pain after throwing a pitch in the eighth inning and had trouble even standing because he was hurting so much. It's tough to say exactly what happened, but Zumaya definitely messed up his right arm in a big way.

Unfortunately, just based on how Zumaya reacted, this type of injury makes you wonder if he will ever pitch again. Although it's only speculation right now, it's hard to imagine that we will see Zumaya again this season considering how severe his reaction to the injury was. When you consider his past injury issues (namely with his shoulder), you just have hope his career isn't over, as I would be shocked if his season wasn't.

Zumaya's right arm was shaking before he stood up and he appeared to be in tears as the trainers helped him off the field. It's only natural to fear the worst in these types of situations, but in this case it's just tough to be optimistic when you consider Zumaya's injury history and how much pain he looked to be in.