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Video: Footage Of Tom Lewand's DUI Arrest

You already know what happened, but now you can see it all play out in this raw footage of Lions team president Tom Lewand getting pulled over and ultimately arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. 

The video is every bit as incriminating as the facts we've already presented within this StoryStream.

First, Lewand clearly, and dangerously, swerved into another lane, immediately cuing the police lights. Upon inhaling a strong whiff of alcohol, the officer asked Lewand if he had been drinking, to which Lewand replied he hadn't had a drink in over a year and a half (coincidentally, around the time Matt Millen was fired).

Lying might be anybody's first instinct in this situation, but Lewand had several opportunities to retract and tell the truth. Instead, he "sticks to his guns," as the police officer put it. Blaming the alcoholic odor on a breath mint wasn't a very smart move by the University of Michigan graduate and Lions team president, who also boasts a law degree. 

Lewand doesn't fail all of the field sobriety tests, but he definitely wasn't all there mentally. That's even more 100 percent clear toward the end of the 20-plus minute clip when he takes several minutes to respond to the officer's request for a preliminary breath test. In the end, the police officers grew tired of Lewand wavering in his decision to take it and arrested him. At the station, nearly an hour later, Lewand blew a .21 and .20 in subsequent Breathalyzer tests.