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Statement From Bud Selig Expected Today's Jon Heyman reports that MLB commissioner Bud Selig will release a statement sometime today about this whole Jim Joyce blown call situation and what it means for Armando Galarraga's should-have-been-perfect game.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is involved in high-level discussions regarding Tigers pitcher Armando Galaragga's near-perfect game and whether anything can and should be done to reverse umpire Jim Joyce's blown call that deprived Galarraga of immortality.

Selig will have a statement today, sources said, though it's uncertain whether any ruling will be made today regarding the situation.

Heyman mentioned in the article that a reversal of the call "isn't likely." The fact that MLB is actually considering the possibility of fixing this mess is a good sign, though. While nothing could end up happening, at least all options are being explored. Now we just have to hope that Selig does the right thing.