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Galarraga Will Deliver Lineup Card To Joyce Today

The one constant throughout this whole controversy is the class the Tigers have shown, especially Jim Leyland and Armando Galarraga. Another example of that class will be shown off before today's game when Galarraga delivers the lineup card to umpire Jim Joyce, who cost him a perfect game just last night.

Leyland having Galarraga bring out lineup card and shake hands with Joyce, who's plate ump today.

As angry as I was at Joyce last night for what he did, even I have to admit that he has also shown class throughout this ordeal. He manned up, admitted he made the mistake of all mistakes, and apologized to Galarraga for his error. That doesn't change the fact that he cost Galarraga a perfect game, but at least he isn't going off and hiding in the corner somewhere.

Jim Leyland says Jim Joyce had option not to work today's game. Joyce declined, said: "I'll take what I've got coming" according to Leyland

Leyland hopes that what Joyce has coming from the fans is an ovation. I doubt that will happen and imagine there will be lots of boos directed toward Joyce today and anytime he is in Detroit. While Leyland and Galarraga may have already forgiven Joyce, I think the only way the Tigers' fan base as a whole will do that is if Bud Selig awards Galarraga his perfect game. If that happens, everybody directly involved with this situation would go home happy, especially Joyce, who could get on with his life and put this mistake behind him.