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Red Wings Goalie Jimmy Howard Catches Justin Verlander's Bullpen Session

Before Armando Galarraga took the rubber and threw a "perfect game," Justin Verlander threw a bully to prep for his next start, which will be Saturday in Kansas City.  Rather than having the session caught by one of the Tigers catchers, though, Red Wings netminder Jimmy Howard was given the distinct privilege to crouch behind the plate (video after the jump).  

Howard, who is no stranger to 95+ MPH pucks flying at him, was a bit timid about catching Verlander's fastball: 

"I was more nervous just watching him bring it," Howard said. "I mean, you watch him on TV, he's 98 miles an hour some nights. I was back there at first a little shaky. But he's got great control so he put it right in the glove."

There's a possibility that Gerald Laird, with his sub-Mendoza batting average, was a bit nervous of Howard catching Verlander, too. Verlander joked with the Tigers starting catcher throughout the session:

"G-Money, I got a new catcher!" Verlander said.

 I want to know how well Howard hit in the cages.  Gerald Laird and Alex Avila's batting averages don't even add up to Miguel Cabrera's right now.  No, seriously, it's always cool to see the Detroit teams support one another.  This was the third game in the last week we've seen Red Wings players, of the past and present, at a Tigers game.