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Red Wings 'Close' To New Deal With Holmstrom

Ansar Khan reports at MLIVE that the Wings are "close" to a new deal with Holmstrom, but nothing is set in stone, yet.  

Forward Tomas Holmstrom likely will be the next Detroit Red Wings player to re-sign with the club, possibly next week.

"I'm sure we're going to get a deal done," Howard Gourwitz, Holmstrom's agent, said. "We're looking at a two-year term, and so are the Red Wings. I think we have an agreement in concept. We're very close."

I'm not sure where Jennifer Hammond and Greg Brady are getting their information, but I think Holmstrom's agent would know best.  Unless he's putting up a front until all the details are ironed out and the Red Wings front office wants to go public with it, it sounds like we won't hear any real confirmation of a new deal tonight.