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Ken Holland Doesn't Think Kirk Maltby Is Done Yet

When Kirk Maltby had shoulder surgery in March, ending his season, the belief held by many was that his career was coming to an end. The injury itself wasn't career-threatening or anything, but Maltby is getting older and his skills are diminishing. With many younger players set to join the Red Wings' roster in 2010-11, it's no surprise that most just believed there would be no room for Maltby, essentially forcing him to retire.

As it turns out, don't close the book on Maltby's career just yet. There's no guarantee that he will come back for another season with the Red Wings, but Wings general manager Ken Holland does believe that Maltby's got something left in the tank.

"I think he has some hockey left in him," Holland said of Maltby, who has been in Detroit since the 1995-96 season.

The Wings are pretty much set at forward right now, but perhaps Holland will bring back Maltby if there is enough cap room to do so after addressing the team's more pressing needs.