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Final Touches Being Put On Michigan Stadium Renovation

We're still about two months away from the start of the college football season, but the Michigan Stadium renovation is already starting to wind down. At this point the luxury suites are pretty much ready to go, as is the new press box. All that needs to be done are some minor things like finishing the brick work on the west structure, repainting the block "M" on the east side seats, installing the chairback seats where the old press box used to be and wrapping up the FieldTurf installation.


As some recent pictures from the stadium show, two of those things are almost done. The FieldTurf itself has been installed and just needs the letters in the end zones and the block "M" at midfield to be stitched in. Also, the repainting of the block "M" on the east side seats is being done right now, giving the seats a fresh look.




For more pictures, check out MVictors and this post on MGoBoard.