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Tigers Send Fu-Te Ni Down To Triple-A Toledo

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Reliever Fu-Te Ni had a horrendous month of June and has been struggling for quite some time now. As a result, the Tigers' patience with him has finally run out, per the team's Twitter page.

Tigers optioned Ni to Toledo following the game. Corresponding roster move will be announced on Friday.

Ni pitched 23 innings for the Tigers this season and had an ERA of 6.65. He really was pretty good through the end of May, but he was terrible this month. He appeared in seven games, including last night's 11-4 loss, and gave up at least three earned runs on three separate occasions. Two other times he gave up one earned run. His ERA for the month of June was 19.50.

This move had to be made, as something is just off with Ni. The Tigers are already hurting for depth in the bullpen with Zumaya's injury and Ryan Perry not exactly pitching all that well down in Toledo, but this was a move that couldn't wait any longer in my opinion.