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Jim Schwartz Wouldn't Be Surprised If Kevin Smith Is Ready By Training Camp

Perhaps Schwartz is trying to put fan anxiety at ease, but he said in an interview on WBBL radio that Kevin Smith is healing faster than Tom Kowalski believes:

“He’s doing fantastic,” Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz said on WBBL-FM’s Bakita and Grey. "He’s such a hard-working guy. We didn’t expect anything different from him. But he’s also healed pretty quick, and he’s chompin’ at the bit.
“If we were to play a game, he’s not ready. But he’s making progress, he’s running around, he’s taking some individual drills. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him ready at the start of training camp."

As Kowalski previously said, the Lions won’t be pressed to hurry Smith back because of Best and Morris, but if Smith’s healthy and ready to return it certainly will be a welcome one.