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Steve Yzerman To Hire Wings' Ryan Martin?

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One of Steve Yzerman's first official moves as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning may be to hire Ryan Martin, the Red Wings' current director of hockey administration. Martin is best known as the Wings' "capologist," finding ways to get the most out of a roster within the restrictions of the salary cap.

Although Martin hasn't officially left the Wings for the Lightning just yet, it seems the ball is in motion for his departure.

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland told media outlets in Detroit that Yzerman has asked for permission to speak to Ryan Martin, Detroit's director of hockey administration, about an assistant general manager position with Tampa Bay.

Martin is primarily responsible for managing Detroit's salary cap, and he is reportedly close to Yzerman.

Considering Martin is no longer taking part in the Red Wings' meetings, I'd say it's only a matter of time until he officially leaves for Tampa Bay.