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Lions' Tom Lewand Has Lunch With Ndamukong Suh's Agent

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Although a deal is not imminent with No. 2 overall draft pick Ndamukong Suh, the Lions are at least communicating with Suh's lead agent.

"In our case, I'm very, very comfortable with where we're at," said Lewand, who handles the Lions' contract negotiations. "I've had dialogue with (Suh's lead agent, Roosevelt) Barnes -- we had lunch together last week -- and I'm very comfortable with the dialogue we've had to date."

With the Lions, top draft picks usually are signed right as training camp begins. That will probably be the case with Suh as well. Part of the reason both parties wait until then is to see how much money other top draft picks sign for. Plus, there really isn't a huge sense of urgency to get the rookies signed until then. Whether they're a top draft pick or a seventh-rounder, the Lions like to wait around until right before training camp because contracts don't need to be signed until then.