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Open Callous The Cause Of Joel Zumaya's Quick Exit

Joel Zumaya came into last night's game, threw six balls, and was promptly pulled in favor of Phil Coke. The reason for his extremely short appearance was a ripped open callous. While the issue was enough to force Jim Leyland to pull Zumaya last night, it doesn't sound like something that will be a lingering problem.

Joel Zumaya ripped open a callous in the eighth inning and had to come out after throwing six consecutive balls. Manager Jim Leyland doesn't think the condition is serious. In fact, he's not even certain Zumaya will be declared unavailable for Sunday's game.

"He should be able to file it down," Leyland said. "It wasn't raw."

The Tigers have Monday off, so unless Jim Leyland has no other options, I'd bet against seeing Zumaya today.