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Detroit News: Tigers Plan To Release Adam Everett

Though there’s nothing in the article itself saying that the Detroit Tigers are going to release shortstop Adam Everett, the headline says it all:

Tigers plan to release shortstop Adam Everett

In another article from MLive, Jim Leyland called it a “sad day” but also felt it was time to give Danny Worth his shot in the big leagues.

"And he (Everett) was totally understandable. It just seemed like nothing was happening. We felt that it was time. We kept trying to buy time. But we felt like, ‘Let’s give this kid a chance.’ "

Leyland called Everett “the classiest player” he’s managed in 30 years. Unfortunately, being classy hasn’t helped Everett at the plate, where he’s batting well below the Mendoza Line and has driven in just four runs.