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Welcome to SB Nation Detroit!

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From now until the end of the month, SB Nation will launch a total of 20 regional sites to complement the already great coverage we have on our 250+ individual blogs and on our national site, The first six regional sites went live late last night, and SB Nation Detroit was one of them.

I'm sure you're wondering what this new venture is all about, so let me give you a brief description and a lengthier look at SB Nation Detroit.

In short, SB Nation Detroit will be home to coverage of all the latest sports news from in and around Motown. In addition to covering the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings, SB Nation Detroit will also keep you up to date on the latest involving the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Coverage will range from StoryStreams, to quick hit blog posts, to comprehensive, in-depth features. Our goal is for you to make this your one stop shop for Detroit sports, keeping you informed on everything that happens from the pros to college.

The great thing about SB Nation Detroit is that it has so many different aspects to the site. Below is a rundown of all the different sections on the site and what they're all about.

StoryStreams - The biggest news can be found in StoryStreams, which are essentially separate blogs contained within the site that focus on an individual story. Each StoryStream has the ability to be updated as many times as a story requires, ensuring that anytime there is a development, you will be informed about it. For example, when the whole Armando Galarraga imperfect perfect game went down last Wednesday, there was a StoryStream in place to track all angles of this unbelievable story. The StoryStream started with a preview of Wednesday's game, was updated with the news that Galarraga was possibly on the verge of making history, and then really went off with updates when Jim Joyce's blown call happened. All of the different stories associated with this infamous moment were included in the StoryStream as updates, allowing you to go back and read how everything unfolded, from the preview of the game, to the postgame reaction, to the delivering of Galarraga's new Corvette the next day.

Motown Lowdown - While StoryStreams are like a blog for individual stories, the site's general blog is Motown Lowdown, which will keep track of everything else. Stories typically found in Motown Lowdown will be ones that don't require multiple updates or are just little tidbits of information worth passing along. The whole imperfect perfect game story required more than 20 updates, but passing along a tidbit about how Huge Chavez commended Galarraga's classiness was just a simple tidbit worth posting about on Motown Lowdown.

Features - Both the StoryStreams and Motown Lowdown are meant more for straight news. Obviously opinion will be injected into most posts on the site, but in-depth analysis of certain stories will be contained in features, such as this week's Top Five. Features will be opinion- and analysis-heavy pieces that take more of a general look on particular stories or subjects from the Detroit sports scene. Every week there will be numerous features posted on a variety of topics, even for teams that are in the offseason.

Detroit Starting Lineup - This section of the site is pretty straightforward. Each morning when you fire up your computer and check out the site, there will be five new links to must-check-out things involving Detroit sports. These links could include articles, pictures, videos, Tweets, etc. If something out there is really worth reading, it can be found in the Detroit Starting Lineup. (If you find something and think it should be included in the Detroit starting lineup, let us know by sending an e-mail to

Team Pages - The team pages (for example, the Lions' team page) have been revamped as part of the launch of the regional sites and now include even more information than before. You can go to the team pages to check out the upcoming schedule, the roster, the latest news from the team's blog, the most recent features and StoryStreams from SB Nation Detroit and much more!

So, who is bringing all of this information to you? It's a team-wide effort between myself, Brian Packey, Ian Casselberry and Ryan Weiss. You can find out more about us by clicking on our names and going to our profiles. Briefly, though, let me introduce myself since I am the managing editor of SB Nation Detroit.

For the past four years, I have been running Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's Lions blog. I have also been running Michigan Sports Center, a blog focused on U-M athletics. Right now I am a student at the University of Michigan and will continue writing about the Wolverines here on SB Nation Detroit. Rather than simply focusing on the Lions and U-M for SB Nation Detroit, however, I will be writing about all four pro teams and even Michigan State too. Don't worry, Spartans fans, I will try to take off my maize and blue-colored glasses every once in a while.

Anyways, welcome to the site and please take a look around at the content we have been posting behind the scenes for the last week. Although the site just went live last night, we have been hard at work following Detroit sports stories since last Tuesday in order to give you an idea of what to expect going forward. Check back in multiple times each day for the latest from the Detroit sports scene and thanks in advance for reading.

If you have any feedback, please contact us at