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Reports: No Offer Made To Tom Izzo Yet

A few different sources out there are reporting that Tom Izzo has not been offered the head coaching job of the Cleveland Cavaliers, at least not yet.'s Gary Parrish reports that although Izzo is on Cleveland's radar, there is no offer right now. And even if there were, chances are Izzo wouldn't be interested in accepting it because how uncertain the future of the franchise is.

A college basketball source told that Izzo has been and remains intrigued by the NBA, but that he wouldn't seriously consider an offer without an understanding of the roster he'd inherit, which isn't the case in Cleveland. Obviously, coaching the Cavs is a great job if LeBron James is involved. But it could be a terrible job if the two-time and reigning Most Valuable Player opts for New York, New Jersey, Chicago or anywhere else.

In addition, Joe Rexrode texted Izzo about these rumors last night and heard back from him:

He replied that the reports are "way more (baloney) than substance."

A reporter at WLNS-TV 6 also reports that there is no offer right now, making this story seem even shakier than it originally appeared. To recap: Izzo reportedly has not been offered the job yet by the Cavaliers, and even that were to happen, chances are he wouldn't be interested unless LeBron James was for sure coming back to Cleveland. Then and only then would Izzo realistically consider taking the job, and I still don't know if he would leave. While coaching LeBron would be a great opportunity, I just don't believe Izzo will ever leave Michigan State for an NBA job. He's had plenty of chances to leave in the past, and I honestly don't think this would be a special enough opportunity for him to leave East Lansing.