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Report: Cavaliers Putting Together 5-Year, $30 Million Deal For Tom Izzo

Tom Izzo may not have been officially offered a deal to become the Cavaliers' next head coach just yet, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Dan Gilbert is preparing one as we speak, and it is going to be HUGE.

The offer is said to be worth approximately $6 million annually and would be for up to five years, much larger than the industry standard for a coach without previous NBA head coaching experience. The offer might also be loaded with potential bonuses and perks including free use of one of Gilbert's private jets.

Izzo makes around $3 million a year from Michigan State when bonuses and all that are factored in. The Cavs' impending offer would double that if the Plain Dealer's report holds true. Even so, money may not even be the deciding factor for someone like Izzo. In fact, for Izzo the most important thing in a deal offered by the Cavs would probably have something to do with LeBron James. Various reports have said that Izzo wouldn't want the job if LeBron left, so if The King's return isn't a guarantee, $30 million may not mean squat.

MSU athletic director Mark Hollis said in an interview with Joe Rexrode that the Cavs have a "high" and "strong" interest in Izzo. Hollis also mentioned that he is a "good friend" of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, though the two have yet to speak with each other about Izzo.

I still have a hard time believing Izzo would leave Michigan State, but if his hiring meant that LeBron James would stay in Cleveland, then I could see it happening. Problem is, LeBron wants to test the free agent market, so the timing just doesn't seem like it will work. Many possible candidates for the Cavs job apparently want to wait to see what LeBron does before making any decisions, but at the same time, Cleveland can't just sit around and not have a coach. It's certainly a tough situation, but for Izzo, at least, I doubt he'd jump into it without a strong idea of if LeBron is staying or going.