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Michigan State Releases Statement: Izzo Has 'Held Discussions' With Cavaliers

Via the Detroit News' Eric Lacy, Michigan State has released a statement confirming that the Cavaliers are expressing serious interest in head basketball coach Tom Izzo.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers have expressed an interest in hiring Tom Izzo for their head coaching vacancy. Tom has held discussions with the club; however, there's no contract offer on the table. I have been in regular contact with Tom over the past week."

In my opinion, Tom is the best coach in college basketball, so it's no surprise that NBA teams have expressed an interest in him. In fact, I encourage him to look at these opportunities, but it's my hope that Tom remains at Michigan State. Over the last 15 years, Tom has developed and maintained a healthy basketball program here, and we don't want him to leave."

Although no offer is on the table yet, based on everything that has been reported in the last 24 hours, it seems like one is probably going to be on its way sometime very soon. This story already has gone from a mere rumor to something very real, but it will truly pick up when that offer is made to Izzo and he has a decision to make. Until then it's all just speculation about what he will do.