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Kelvin Grady Chimes In On Mike Jackson's Departure

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Kelvin Grady originally came to Michigan to play basketball, but he switched to football last year after leaving the basketball program. Although Grady did return to the basketball team to help out in practice towards the end of this past season, his main sport is still football. He played pretty well as a slot receiver last year for the Wolverines, especially when you consider that he hadn't been on a football field since high school before switching sports at Michigan.

One person who apparently didn't think too favorably of Grady's original decision to leave the basketball team was Mike Jackson, the now ex-Michigan assistant coach. Grady said this about Jackson's departure on Twitter:

Just found out my old college coach that told me I was making a dumb decision for leaving..... Has left the michigan prgrm a year later lol

I can understand where Jackson was coming from in regards to Grady's decision to leave the basketball program, but Grady's observation is definitely interesting.