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Tigers Impress With 1st Day Draft Picks

The Tigers have made noise with their first draft pick every year since David Chadd took over the director of amateur scouting gig with the team in 2004. To give you an overview of his last five picks: Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller brought Miguel Cabrera to Detroit via trade, Rick Porcello's already in the rotation, Ryan Perry's in the pen, and Jacob Turner's on the fast track to the big leagues.

Ironically, Chadd seems to be most pleased with this year's first pick, 3B Nick Castellanos -- the lowest first pick Chadd's had during his time in Detroit:

David Chadd, the Tigers director of amateur scouting, said it was the "most ecstatic" he had ever been with a pick he viewed as a colossal presence.

"If I told you," he said, speaking of where the Tigers had Castellanos on their overall draft board, "it would shock you."

Emphasis on 'ever' is mine. That there is some high praise. In addition to the big names he has drafted in Detroit, keep in mind that he was also responsible for drafting Dustin Pedroia, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jon Lester during his three-year stint with the Boston Red Sox before coming to the Tigers.

The selection received some love from's baseball writer Jon Heyman, too:

i love the way #tigers handle the draft. they go for stars, and are willing to pay for them. nick castellanos is typical.

After the Tigers picked Chance Ruffin with the 48th pick, who Chadd believes could be ready for the bigs within two years, Heyman added this to cap off the evening:

MLB draft first-day winners: #nationals, #pirates, #orioles, #redsox, #cardinals, #tigers

It appears Mr. Chadd did a job well done once again.