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Daunte Culpepper Goes From Lions To Mountain Lions

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper officially joined the UFL yesterday when he signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Culpepper's new Lions team is coached by Dennis Green, who was his head coach in Minnesota during the best years of his career.


Culpepper's career was derailed by injury problems after that, but he did land in Detroit during the 2008 season. The Lions gave him a shot to be the starting quarterback, but it quickly became evident that he just wasn't very good. The Lions, as we all know, finished the 2008 season 0-16, but Culpepper came back in 2009 for one more season with the team. Matthew Stafford quickly took away the starting job from Culpepper last season, but injuries gave him a few more chances to get in the game.


Unfortunately for both Culpepper and the Lions, 2009 was no different than 2008 when he was on the field. Culpepper never won a single game as a starter with the Lions, and his play more often than not showed why he is now in the UFL, which certainly seems like a better fit for him after watching his struggles with the Lions the last couple of seasons.