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Would Tom Izzo Go To Cleveland If LeBron James Re-Signs?

Michael Rosenberg, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press, writes that the reason Tom Izzo hasn’t denied interest in coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers is because he would make the move to Cleveland if LeBron James re-signs.

You want Tom Izzo to say he isn’t interested — in the Cleveland Cavaliers, or anybody else. You want him to say he flirted with the NBA 10 years ago and he has been open to offers since, but now he is 55 and will be a Michigan State Spartan for life.

Izzo can’t say that. Or he won’t. Maybe both.

He can’t say it because, if July 1 rolls around and LeBron James tells Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert that, yes, he will re-sign if Izzo is coaching the Cavs, then Izzo would have to consider it. I believe that is the only scenario under which Izzo would leave MSU: for an NBA team that is ready to win a championship.

And, of course, because the headlines provide him leverage at Michigan State.

I think he wants everybody at MSU to understand that he could leave at any time. I think he gets a violent reaction to the mere notion of being taken for granted — by his administration, his fans or the media.