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Rumor: Tom Izzo Tells Players He Will Accept Cavaliers Job

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Rumors are swirling in Cleveland right now that Michigan State's Tom Izzo has informed his players that he will take the head coaching job with the Cavaliers. Fear The Sword, SB Nation's Cavs blog, had this to say about the rumor:

There is a hot rumor beginning to circulate that Tom Izzo did, in fact, tell his Michigan State players that he had accepted the Cavaliers Head Coaching job. That rumor, swirling around Twitter today, reportedly began when one of Izzo's players, a former Cleveland St. Edwards star, told the Eagles' coach what was said during the meeting.

Another site, WaitingForNextYear, has more on the rumor:

Our sources have heard directly from players on the MSU team that Izzo informed them this week that he is planning on making the move up to the NBA level under the ownership of MSU grad Dan Gilbert. We have also heard from a separate source that Izzo is holding off on announcing this until the end of the week, when his kids finish up school in the Lansing area.

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said that a meeting took place yesterday, but he refused to discuss what was said. I don't know if this rumor is developing from what was said in that meeting or if another meeting was held sometime today. Either way, there is a lot of smoke out there that Izzo is headed to Cleveland. The question now is this: Will it hold up to be true?