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More Reports Come In: Tom Izzo Rumor Completely False

The Tom Izzo to Cleveland Cavaliers rumor has quickly gone from being possibly true to completely false. In addition to what Jeff Goodman has heard from MSU sources about the rumor, two more people have chimed in to debunk it.

SI's Seth Davis:

Add me to list of those refuting idiotic blog "report" that Izzo told his team he's taking Cavs job. Did. Not. Happen.

CBS Sports' Gary Parrish:

Any report saying Izzo has accepted the job (or told his players he's accepting the job) is simply false.

For right now I think we can safely say that this rumor is untrue. It'd be one thing if the report was premature and Tom Izzo's camp just wants it to be official before it goes public, but the whole thing about how he informed his players he was leaving reportedly did not happen. Here is what Joe Rexrode had to say about the meeting that took place with Izzo and his players last night:

I'd like to ignore stuff like this altogether, but when you get calls and e-mails on something, you have to at least look into it and respond. Delvon Blanton, Delvon Roe's father, told me today the meeting lasted two hours, and Izzo told his players the situation and let everyone say some words. To sum it up, they told him they want him to stay, he told them he feels the same way about them, but also that a decision has not been made.

Tom Izzo may still decide to take the Cleveland Cavaliers job, but right now, the process has not reached that point yet.