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Rich Rodriguez Reportedly 'Furious' Over Demar Dorsey Situation

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Unsurprisingly, Rich Rodriguez is not happy with how the whole Demar Dorsey situation went down. In fact, Angelique Chengelis reported this on Twitter:

Am told by someone who would know that Rich Rodriguez is furious about the Demar Dorsey situation.

Aside from Dorsey, Rodriguez is one of the people involved in this that got screwed the most. Not only did he fight for Dorsey internally before a scholarship was officially offered, but he also publicly fought for Dorsey when the media started to ask a lot of questions about Dorsey's past legal troubles. Rodriguez put his neck on the line for Dorsey, who did nothing to make that a bad decision. It was actually the University of Michigan that screwed Rodriguez and Dorsey over, specifically the admissions department.

UM AD Brandon on Dorsey: "The misinformation is the athletic department is involved and there is some conspiracy involved."

"This is a decision that is owned by the admissions department ... it's always been owned by the admissions office."

This whole situation is one big mess for Michigan. Rich Rodriguez is angry, Michigan fans are pissed off and Dave Brandon seems miffed by the whole thing as well because some people think he was involved with the decision to not admit Dorsey. He wasn't, as the admissions department deserves the blame. Some of the blame for communication issues may lie with the football program, but for the decision to not admit Dorsey, that was all the doing of the admissions department.