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MSU Assistant Coach Comments On Izzo's Meeting With Players

Michigan State assistant coach Mark Montgomery talked to the Associated Press and confirmed that Tom Izzo met with his players last night. Montgomery also confirmed that the Cleveland Cavaliers job was one of the things discussed during the meeting, although Izzo merely informed his players that he was talking to the Cavs, not that he had already accepted the job.

Michigan State's Tom Izzo told his team he has talked to the Cleveland Cavaliers about their coaching vacancy, imploring them to concentrate on their classes and workouts to get better on and off the court.

"That was the gist of the meeting yesterday," associate head coach Mark Montgomery told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Izzo did not tell the Spartans he was leaving the school to coach the Cavs.

This squashes the original rumor that set off a firestorm of Izzo-related news this afternoon. While Izzo's future at Michigan State is very much in doubt right now, the consensus is that he hasn't made a decision on the Cavs job yet. He may have an idea of what he wants to do, but obviously the public won't hear about that until something concrete is decided.