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Michigan State Releases Another Statement About Tom Izzo

From Michigan State's official website:

Michigan State Athletics Director Mark Hollis:
"I've been straightforward from the beginning. Nothing has changed from my initial statement, and yet, there have been many ridiculous reports. I'm angry at the impact they have on student-athletes, coaches, wives and children, and other people at universities and organizations. Tom Izzo is the head basketball coach at Michigan State University."

Michigan State President Lou Anna K. Simon:
"I am in regular contact with AD Mark Hollis. I can assure everyone Team MSU is all on the same page in wanting to keep Tom as a Spartan. MSU has many renowned, respected, and highly sought individuals; Tom Izzo surely is one of them."

Considering just how open Hollis has been about all of this, I'd be willing to bet he will be one of the first people we hear from when a decision is made by Izzo. Although any big news will spread like wild fire (as we saw earlier today), when something official happens I'm sure Hollis will confirm it pretty quickly.