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Tom Lewand Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge, Apologizes For Mistake

Lions president Tom Lewand pleaded guilty last Friday to operating while visibly impaired. That is a lesser charge than what he originally received thanks to a plea deal. Lewand agreed to plead guilty to this lesser charge, and an additional charge of refusing to take a breath test was thrown out.

Here is what Lewand's sentence entails:

Sutton sentenced Lewand to six months’ probation and to pay a $532 fine or serve 60 days in the Roscommon County jail. Lewand’s fine and costs totaled $870. His probation requires that he submit to a PBT at the request of any police officer, that he consume no alcohol, and that he enroll in an intense outpatient program.

In court, Lewand repeatedly apologized for his actions, admitting that he had "several drinks of vodka" that night and fell off the wagon. Lewand also had this to say to Lions fans:

"I made a very, very serious mistake and I own up to that. I take full responsibility for it. The fans in Detroit are phenomenal and we all make mistakes.

"The challenge for me and the obligation I have, and what I look forward to, is overcoming that mistake, overcoming that adversity and becoming a better and stronger person."

Lewand also mentioned that he has already talked to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and although no punishment has been handed down yet, he expects to receive one.