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Current, Former Wings Think Mike Modano Should Sign With Detroit

Mike Modano is still thinking over whether he should retire or come back and possibly play for the Red Wings, but if some current and former Detroit players had it their way, Modano would already be signed and ready to wear the winged wheel.

Nicklas Lidstrom (translated):

"In view of the skillful game we play, I believe that Modano would find that he could surely get on well [here]."

"He's not as fast as before, but Modano is a player who showed last season that he can still keep up with play in the NHL.  I hope he signs on [with us]."

Larry Murphy:

“It’s a veteran team, he’d have no problem fitting in,” said Larry Murphy, who played with Modano for two seasons on the Minnesota North Stars, which later became the Dallas Stars. “It’s a team whose goal is to win the championship, and I know that would be one of the driving forces for him to continue on playing.”

“He’s still going to be an impact guy, and he’d make the Wings a better team,” Murphy said. “So it’d be exciting for him to come home and play. ... I would sure try to convince him to join the Wings.”

Like most, Ken Kal, the Red Wings' radio play-by-play announcer, believes that Modano would be a "good fit" for Detroit. He is a veteran player, which Detroit's locker room is filled with, and he hails from the state of Michigan. What's more, he wants to win a Stanley Cup, and there's no doubt that is a realistic possibility for the Wings next season.