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Three More Teams Expressing Interest In Mike Modano?

Last week, Mike Modano's situation was pretty clear: retire or come back for at least another season to play with the Red Wings. Modano has yet to make a decision one way or another, though, and now more and more teams are becoming interested in signing the 20-year veteran.

Specifically, it looks like you can for sure add the San Jose Sharks and Minnesota Wild to the list of teams interested in Modano, and the Anaheim Ducks are reportedly on that list as well. Modano said last Friday that the Sharks and Wild have gotten in contact with him about a possible deal, and Minnesota is especially interested in bringing Modano back to where his NHL career began.

"I spoke with Mike and have spoken with his representative," Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher said Friday. "We have expressed interest in speaking with him further once he determines what course of action he wants to take." [...]

"I hope it comes to fruition," he said. "It's doubtful, but I hope it does."

Anaheim comes into the picture as a mere rumor right now, but the Pioneer Press mentions in an article that the Ducks are in Modano's top three, ahead of the Wild. Any California team would make sense for Modano since his wife (Willa Ford) is an actress. By playing in California, Modano and his wife would likely get to see a lot more of each other, which is why many believed he would end up with a team like Anaheim from the very beginning.

Although just a week ago it looked like Modano was going to play for the Red Wings or retire, suddenly he has a few more options on the table, making this decision even tougher for him.