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Video: Zack Follett Eats Ants, Heads To The Mountains To Train

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Zack Follett is entertaining on the football field because he brutalizes opponents with huge hits. Off the field, he's even more entertaining thanks to his awesome and often ridiculous videos. These videos have made Follett a cult hero of sorts with Lions fans, and they have even garnered him attention on a national basis from the likes of Jim Rome and ESPN.


With the Lions "on vacation" until the end of the month, Follett and the rest of the team are busy working out on their own to get prepared for training camp. I don't think anybody is working out quite like Follett, though. His most recent video showcases his unique style of training, which includes lifting tree branches, throwing large rocks and eating ants for protein purposes. Oh, and this is all happening at "Camp Elevation," which is located on a mountain 8,000 feet above sea level.