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2010 MLB Home Run Derby: Miguel Cabrera Advances To 2nd Round

Miguel Cabrera hit seven homers during the first round of the 2010 MLB Home Run Derby to advance to round No. 2. Cabrera hit the least amount of homers of the four players advancing, but his seven were good enough to move on. Here are the standings after one round in Anaheim:

Corey Hart: 13 HR

Hanley Ramirez: 9 HR

David Ortiz: 8 HR

Miguel Cabrera: 7 HR

The players who have been eliminated are Matt Holliday (5 HR), Nick Swisher (4 HR), Vernon Wells (2 HR) and Chris Young (1 HR).

Cabrera may have hit only seven homers during the first round, but he was absolutely crushing the ball. His longest home run went 485 feet, and a couple others went nearly as long.

Because Cabrera did hit the least amount of homers of the four players that advanced, he will have to bat second in the second round. He won't have to bat first because he was the last batter of the first round, so hopefully fatigue won't play a factor, as Cabrera will need to hit quite a few home runs in the second round to have a shot at advancing to the finals.