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MLB Trade Deadline Rumors: Roy Oswalt Rules Out Tigers

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We are only at the All-Star break, but the trade deadline is right around the corner, and most expect the Tigers to be very interested in making a move as they prepare to compete for an AL Central title. The same goes for the other two teams in the thick of the AL Central race -- Minnesota and Chicago.

The first big pawn in the trade market was moved last week when Seattle traded Cliff Lee to Texas. The Twins were expected to be a big player for Lee, but in the end he was quickly dealt to the Rangers, which was great news for the Tigers.

With Lee off the market, the biggest name out there at pitcher is Houston's Roy Oswalt. For months there has been speculation about where he will be traded, and the Tigers have been mentioned quite a bit as a possible landing spot. That was never based off anything more than speculation because the Tigers are believed to be in the market for a starting pitcher, but it was a common trade rumor.

As it turns out, you can go ahead and scratch Oswalt off the list of possible trade deadline targets, because he has apparently already done the same to Detroit, reports FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Oswalt ruling out #Tigers, #WhiteSox, others.

I'm sure the Twins will be mentioned quite a bit as being interested in trading for Oswalt. Hopefully that will turn out just like the Cliff Lee situation, though. For weeks the Twins were seen as one of the most likely destinations for Lee, but he went to Texas instead. With Oswalt already ruling out the White Sox, they are not a concern, but Minnesota definitely still is, so let's just hope he goes somewhere else if Houston actually makes a trade.