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Miguel Cabrera Set To Compete In 2010 MLB Home Run Derby

The 2010 MLB Home Run Derby takes place tonight at 8 p.m. out in Anaheim, California. One of this year's contestants is Detroit's Miguel Cabrera, who is currently tied for second in Major League Baseball for home runs hit this season. Out of the eight contestants in the Home Run Derby, Cabrera has the most home runs, as Jose Bautista, the league leader, is not participating.

Here are the eight players competing in this year's Home Run Derby:

Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

Corey Hart (Brewers)

Matt Holliday (Cardinals)

David Ortiz (Red Sox)

Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)

Nick Swisher (Yankees)

Vernon Wells (Blue Jays)

Chris Young (Diamondbacks)

This is the second time Cabrera will have participated in the Home Run Derby in his career. In 2006 in Pittsburgh, Cabrera came in third place, hitting a total of 15 homers. This year he will look to win the whole thing, as he is the favorite for many people. At the very least, he ought to do better than Brandon Inge's performance in the Home Run Derby a year ago. Inge didn't hit a single home run and joked with Cabrera about how he has big shoes to fill.

"You got big shoes to fill, homie," Inge said. "Let’s see if you can beat zero homers."

Cabrera hardly acknowledged the remark.

"I just set the table for you," Inge said.

I would hope Cabrera out-performs Inge, as I am also hoping Miggy takes home the trophy tonight.

You can watch the 2010 MLB Home Run Derby on ESPN and