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2010 MLB All-Star Game: Miguel Cabrera To Bat Third, Jose Valverde To Close For AL

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The 2010 MLB All-Star Game takes place tonight at 8 p.m. in Anaheim. Three Tigers players are on the American League roster, and two of them could end up playing pretty big roles.

Miguel Cabrera, who participated in the Home Run Derby last night, is batting third in the lineup for the American League. This will be his first start in an All-Star Game after making four appearances as a reserve. It will also be the first time he gets to play first base in an All-Star Game.

The other Tiger who could end up playing a pretty big role in the game is Jose Valverde, who has been named the AL's closer by manager Joe Girardi. Usually Mariano Rivera has the responsibility of closing for the American League, but he is going to get the entire break off, opening up the role for Papa Grande.

Justin Verlander is the other Tigers player on the American League roster.