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Chris Allen's Status With MSU Still Up In The Air

Although Chris Allen is participating in offseason workouts with the Michigan State basketball team and recently told WILX in Lansing that "everything is fine and this is just all rumors," Tom Izzo says that nothing has changed about this situation. While Allen may want to come back to MSU for his senior season, it's not certain that will happen just yet.

"I guess he's making progress with that," Izzo said of Allen today from an AAU site, with sneakers squeaking in the background, "but nothing has changed."

WLNS' Lisa Byington also talked to Izzo after Allen's TV appearance to clear up where exactly things stand with Allen.

Izzo says "nothing has changed and (Allen) still has some things to prove both on & off the court"

(Izzo) stressed to me that Chris Allen's status is still very much in limbo. and it will be izzo and not Allen who decides if he is on roster

It's a little odd that Allen made an appearance on TV to talk about how everything is fine when Izzo doesn't sound quite as confident. There's no doubt Allen is working his way back in order to continue being a part of the Spartans, but Izzo isn't completely convinced that he is deserving of a spot on the team yet. Whatever Allen did was serious enough for Izzo to seriously examine his place on the team, and so far Izzo is not sold on Allen returning for good.