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Sergei Kolosov Also Re-Signs With Red Wings

In addition to re-signing Derek Meech on Thursday, the Red Wings inked restricted free agent Sergei Kolosov to a one-year deal.

Like Meech's deal, Kolosov will receive a salary of $500,000 if he plays for the Red Wings next season. Kolosov is on a two-way contract, however, and it is expected that he will be in Grand Rapids for another season. If that is the case, then his salary will be $80,000.

Meech is on a one-way deal, which means he will receive $500,000 regardless of if he plays for the Wings or the Griffins. That is why it's likely he will be traded if he doesn't win the job to be the Wings' sixth defenseman. There isn't the flexibility there to move him from Detroit to Grand Rapids, and Meech would rather go somewhere else anyways if he is just going to be in a suit on game day as nothing more than extra depth.