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Charles Woodson's 1997 Highlight Reel Saves Lives

The reason Charles Woodson was awake and able to escape a house before a fire engulfed it is because he and his business partner, Rick Ruiz, were up watching Woodson's 1997 highlight reel.

"The Charles Woodson 1997 highlight tape saved our lives, because that’s what kept us up so late," said Ruiz. "Seriously, we were up late watching that tape, and that’s what made us stay up so late to find that smoke in the beginning. Otherwise we probably would have been passed out. I don’t know.

Ruiz dozed off for a little bit, but Woodson got him up and they both escaped, prompting Ruiz to call him a hero.

"He’s a hero if you think about it," said Rick Ruiz, director of operations for TwentyFour wine. "He actually woke me up, told me to get up."

I'm not sure if this is what Woodson and Ruiz were watching or not, but highlights from YouTube of Woodson's Heisman Trophy-winning season can be found after the jump.