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Tigers-Indians In A Rain Delay In The 9th

Game two of today's doubleheader was running smoothly until it got to the ninth inning, at which point the weather took a turn for the worse, resulting in a rain delay.

Currently, the score of the game is 1-1. Rick Porcello pitched eight innings, gave up six hits and allowed only one run. He obviously is done for the day considering this rain delay has gone on for an hour or so now and he was already close to 100 pitches, but it's great to see him pitch well. What's more, this performance puts the pressure on Andy Oliver to get it going (he starts tomorrow), as his spot in the rotation is without a doubt up in the air at this point.

The second part of this doubleheader is expected to be finished tonight, but the last live shot of Progressive Field (five or so minutes ago) showed that it was still raining. Hopefully the weather clears up soon and this game can get going, as extra innings may be required.