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Spartan Stadium Broken Into Last Night?

According to a poster on Spartan Tailgate's Red Cedar Message Board (who I believe works for the turfgrass program), Spartan Stadium was broken into last night. Apparently the concourse windows on the north end were all shattered and there was lots of blood everywhere, indicating that whoever was responsible was cut quite badly in the process. The good news is that nothing was stolen, which just makes this incident even stranger considering the damage done to the stadium.

The other good news for Michigan State and the police are that this incident was supposedly caught on video. If that's the case, then all they need to do is get a look at who broke the windows and check local hospitals for anybody that went to the ER for stitches last night. Based on how much blood was apparently at the scene, there's no way this person could have made it far without getting some treatment.

No news outlets have picked up this story yet, but considering police have been at Spartan Stadium today, chances are we will hear something concrete about what happened soon.