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Tigers To Call Up Daniel Schlereth

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Since the Tigers had a day off on Thursday, they decided not to make an immediate move to fill Fu-Te Ni's spot on the roster after he was sent down to Toledo following Wednesday's game. After pondering the move for much of Thursday, however, the Tigers did come to a decision:

#Tigers will call up Daniel Schlereth tomorrow (Friday) to take Ni's spot.

Schlereth was acquired from the Diamondbacks along with Max Scherzer in the three-team trade that saw Edwin Jackson go to Arizona and Curtis Granderson to New York. The Tigers also got Austin Jackson and Phil Coke as part of the deal.

Schlereth pitched in 21 games last year for the Diamondbacks and had an ERA of 5.89. This season in Toledo Schlereth had an ERA of 2.83 in 28 games. He has yet to debut with the Tigers, but he will have a chance to make his first appearance in Detroit on Friday night against the Mariners.