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Brendan Haywood's Agent In Talks With Pistons, But No Offer Made Yet

The agent of Brendan Haywood chatted with The Detroit News about where his client stands with the Pistons. The gist of the current situation is that the two parties are in discussions, but that's about it right now. Things could develop, but for right now it's more about each side gauging interest from the other.

"We've had numerous conversations," Miller said, denying reports of an offer being made. "We will continue to have dialogue. There are a lot of variables involved here."

Miller said it was hard to gauge Detroit's interest relative to Haywood's other suitors, such as Boston and Miami. The Heat have a weekend meeting with Haywood. Still, Miller believes the Pistons are in the mix. The Pistons can offer Haywood the midlevel exception, which is around $5.8 million.

"You'd have to ask them how interested they are," Miller said. "I have to assume they're significantly interested, though."

Miller went on to say that he and Haywood are "still in the preliminary stages," which is probably where the Pistons stand right now as well.