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Red Wings Make Their Offer To Andreas Lilja

From Greg Brady of AM640 in Toronto:

Andreas Lilja offered $1m/1yr in Detroit. For those who haven't forgiven his gift OT goal to Selanne in Game 5/07WCF, offer is 996,000 high.

Ah yes, thanks for bringing that up.

Anyways, as far as whether or not Lilja will accept that offer, it will depend on what interest he generates on the open market. Lilja has made it known that he would prefer a better deal and an opportunity where he has a chance to crack the top four, but there's no telling whether or not a team that brings both of those things will express interest in him. The Wings would like to bring Lilja back to add depth to their defense, but as the offer shows, they aren't going to give him a ton of money to return.