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Mike Modano To Make Decision Next Month

If you were expecting to hear a decision from Mike Modano in the immediate future, then don't get your hopes up. Modano isn't planning on deciding until he skates and gets an idea of where he's at physically, and that isn't going to happen until next month. Then and only then will he decide to retire or sign with a team.

Reached Monday evening, Modano told the Free Press he'll make a decision, "when I start skating again -- see how that feels."

Modano said he plans to hit the ice Aug. 5 and that he won't make a decision before that time. He confirmed his options for continuing his 20-season NHL career are Detroit, San Jose and Minnesota.

I know some people are getting tired of waiting for Modano to decide, but the Red Wings are going to wait this out and see what happens. Obviously they would like to hear something one way or another soon because they need to sign Justin Abdelkader and Darren Helm still, but if being patient means landing Modano, then I think it's worth it.

Although cap room and roster space will be tight if Modano is signed, the Wings aren't planning on trading any of their young guys like Abdelkader and Helm, which is good to hear.

"They won't be traded," general manager Ken Holland said. "They'll be on the team next season."

Helm has shown loads of skill and potential dating back to the playoffs a couple years back. The same goes for Abdelkader, although he spent last season in Grand Rapids. Next season he is ready to be with the Red Wings, regardless of whether or not Modano is signed.