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Report: Tigers Not Showing Interest In Bringing Back Nate Robertson, Pudge Rodriguez

With Nate Robertson being designated for assignment by the Marlins, some suggested that the Tigers bring him back. After all, the Tigers could use a left-handed starting pitcher and are still paying him anyways, so it would make sense in that regard.

The part where it doesn't make sense, however, is the fact that Robertson is not a very good pitcher. The Tigers' rotation is by no means dominant from top to bottom, but Robertson would just be yet another inconsistent pitcher competing for the fifth spot. Detroit has plenty of those already, so it's not surprising that they are not expressing any interest in bringing him back, according to Jon Paul Morosi.

Speaking of left-handers, the Tigers haven't shown interest in Nate Robertson, whose contract was recently designated for assignment by the Marlins.

The Tigers are also not expressing interest in bringing back catcher Pudge Rodriguez, who currently plays for the Nationals. There's no doubt the Tigers could use an upgrade behind the plate considering how bad Gerald Laird and Alex Avila have been in the batter's box, but Morosi says that we shouldn't expect Pudge to be pursued by Detroit.

And while we're on the subject of former Tigers: The team isn't pursuing a reunion with Pudge Rodriguez. The Tigers will, however, consider upgrades behind the plate; Detroit catchers have accounted for the lowest OPS at the position in the major leagues this year.

Laird and Avila are good catchers, but their batting is so bad that the Tigers almost have to make a move of some sort. The consistent lack of production from the catcher position has been a huge detriment to the Tigers' lineup, and if they are going to compete for a division title, that is one of the positions that needs to be upgraded.